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heather jane [userpic]
Lost Land!
by heather jane (woodshavings)
at August 6th, 2010 (11:31 pm)

Hey, you guys! Know what’s really awesome?


That's right! lost_land is a challenge community for all things LOST! It's a fantastic place to complete challenges, meet new people and have lots of fun! I'm currently in Team Others, but there also other teams too, such as Team Survivors and Team Dharmadays!

So, do you like being touched by Jacob? Or maybe you like driving around in blue vans, or quite possibly you love getting your hair wind swept and interesting by crashing onto an Island with style? THEN THIS COULD BE THE PLACE FOR YOU!

Simply click here in order to be provided with a more in depth FAQ and have the opportunity to apply! I hope you at least consider it because land comms are really fun, trust me :)

Also, if you do decide to join, please tell them woodshavings sent you!