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Stefanie [userpic]
Beatific Vision, Chapter 5/6
by Stefanie (stefanie_bean)
at April 30th, 2014 (09:34 am)

Chapter 5: In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle
Characters: Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, Jack Shephard, Kate Austin, James "Sawyer" Ford, Michael Dawson, Bea Klugh, assorted Others
Rating: T
Length: 1866 words
Status: Complete
Notes: Set between Season 2 and 3
(Ch 1) (Ch 2) (Ch 3) (Ch 4) (Ch 6)

Summary: The quest to find Walt has failed. As Hugo makes his lonely way back to the beach camp, he discovers that the Island is stranger than he ever imagined.

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